Flex Conference (Physical / Digital)

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Virtual Guidelines

In a time of virtual advancements and flexibility, WRF provides opportunities for virtual interactive presentations and networking experiences. All the attendees can explore this opportunity for several benefits.

Virtual connection lets you present your research and deal with publication proceedings as a conference participant. All the publication formalities, like the conference Proceeding with DOI and ISBNs, will remain the same. The only difference is that you can’t be physically present at the conference

The virtual presenter will receive a certificate, and their paper will be considered for publication in various possibilities, just like regular participants. To opt for this option, you must submit your abstract/full paper via the online submission form. Then, after a thorough review, you must pay the registration fees for the virtual presentation if your paper is accepted.

So, fill out the online submission form, pay fees, and you will receive all the necessary details via mail. This opportunity lets you represent your research, visions, and ideas virtually. Isn't it amazing if due, for some reason, you can't travel but still be a part of these high-level discussions.

How to set up a Virtual Presentation

Virtual presentation is a great way of being part of a conference without being physically present. You can use the technology and follow some steps to ensure it goes on smoothly:

  • Get ready with all the material 15 minutes before the conference.
  • Check your video and microphone
  • Make sure you have an uninterrupted, high-quality internet connection
  • Test your slides and presentation before delivery.
  • Please ensure you have a quiet environment and can attentively deliver presentations at the conference.